The Quilt Skipper's Shop

I am a C&T author and award-winning art quilter and garment maker. I travel the country teaching the art of quilting on a home machine and inspiring others to do their best work. I blog about quilts, art, and life, and also share my work on Instagram.

My shop includes notions and products that I use and am passionate about. I think some are necessary and others make the process more enjoyable and/or accurate. You can always contact me if you have questions about a product.





“Lovely, and well worth the purchase.” - SLS

“I read it cover to cover and am now ready to sit down and make myself a stack of quilt sandwiches!” -Sandy

"If you haven’t been lucky enough to take a class from this exceptional teacher, her book is the next best thing."


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Check out my blog where I write about quilts, art, and life, and also follow me on Instagram where I share my work.